Patch Cords / Pigtails

We supply fiber optic patch cables, fiber optic patch cord, LC, SC/APC, ST, E2000/APC, MU, VF45, Read More..


Fiber optic adapters are typically connecting cables with similar connectors (SC to SC, LC to LC,Read More..


Our attenuators are a very high quality design using doped fiber to attenuate the signal. Our sinRead More..

Bare Fiber Spools : 2Kms Length Single-mode

Bare Fiber Spools are commonly used to ease the installation process by providing a continuous soRead More..

Click Pens

CLE-PEN : Fiber Optic Cleaner Pen is designed to specially work well with the female connectors, Read More..

Jacket Midspan Tool

Specialized for optical fiber outer jacket Mid-Span Cutting   Allows easy miRead More..


CLE-BOX is essential accessory to maintain and guarantee good quality of fiber optic connection. Read More..

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