Benchmarker II

The Diversity Benchmarker II is an innovative benchmarking and network testing tool that deliversRead More..

QualiPoc Freerider III

QualiPoc Freerider III marks the third generation of SwissQual‘s smartphone-based and pRead More..

QualiPoc Remote Control

QualiPoc Remote Control is a versatile, smartphone-based mobile network probe for unatteRead More..


The R&S®ROMES4 drive test software, the unique scanners and network problem analyzer (NPARead More..

Qualipoc Android

SwissQual QualiPoc Android is a high-performance, smartphone-based optimization product for mobilRead More..

R&S PR100 portable receiver

The R&S®PR100 operates in a wide frequency range from 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz. Whether used for Read More..

R&SFPH: Low Cost Spectrum Analyzer: Interference hunting

The R&S®Spectrum Rider FPH is a versatile, user-friendly instrument in a rugged and appeaRead More..

R&SZVH: ZVH: Cable and antenna analyzer

The R&S®ZVH is a rugged, handy cable and antenna analyzer, designed for use in the field.Read More..

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