Part of EXFO’s 600 handheld series, which includes the FPM-600 Power Meter and the FLS-600 Light Source, the FOT-600 Optical Loss Test Set is the ideal tool for network-link qualification.


Ideal for Network-Link Qualification
Designed for first-class ease of use, the FOT-600 features a pass/fail LED indicator; what’s more, it lets you set your own thresholds for absolute or relative loss measurements.
Thanks to its memory capacity of 1000 data items and its built-in reporting software, the FOT-600 facilitates data management and enables data transfer to a PC via USB connection. Create and customize a complete test report, including certification of the link with pass/fail information.
Error-Free Test Features in a Highly Versatile Unit
When using the FOT-600 in Auto-Switching mode, the light source automatically toggles between available wavelengths. The power meter recognizes the wavelength in use and switches to the proper calibration parameter. With a press of a button, you can store results for all wavelengths at once, providing easy and error-free testing.
Thanks to its unique design, the FOT-600 Optical Loss Test Set reduces risk of error and measurement time in typical measurement situations, as the need for an offset nulling is eliminated.
In addition to network-link qualification features, the highly accurate FOT-600 offers over 40 calibrated wavelengths, including all CWDM wavelengths. What’s more, it lets you measure power fluctuations with its Hold Min/Max Power function.
FTTx Ready
EXFO’s FOT-600 allows for the testing of passive optical networks (PONs) at 1310 nm, 1490 nm and 1550 nm, the three wavelengths recommended by the ITU-T (G.983.3) for PONs.
Rugged and Versatile
Like all EXFO portable instruments, the FOT-600 is built for top ruggedness and versatility, perfect for the harshest test conditions.
It features a keypad/LCD backlight, for easy operation in darker environments. What’s more, it is powered by a rechargeable battery.
Reporting Software
This new software tool enables you to produce professional-looking reports with comprehensive documentation. It also offers these functionalities:
* Two test files can be merged into one test report
* Pass/fail thresholds that are active during download are automatically activated and displayed in the Report Viewer
* One-touch storage of results for all wavelengths at once
* Unit B configuration information can be input and documented
* Data transfer can be launched from the Report Viewer window
* A pass/fail threshold can be set for an individual fiber or wavelength


* Error-free, time-saving features: automatic wavelength recognition, and no offset nulling required
* Easy data management and USB transfer to a PC
* Automatic wavelength switching function for multiwavelength testing
* Standard visual fault locator (VFL) for quick and easy troubleshooting

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