MPO & MTP Testing Kit

Inspect and test multifiber connectors quickly and easily with Automated Multifiber Connector Inspection Tip and the MPO and MTP® Switch.


Automated Multifiber Connector Inspection Tip – FIPT-400-MF
Compatible with EXFO’s MF-ready fiber inspection probe series
Automated and fumble-free: Automatically inspect multifiber connectors without the hassle of manipulating scanning knobs.
Right the first time: No repeats, no missed fibers, no confusion. View and validate all fibers on the first try.
Find dirty connectors—fast: Chances are that at least one of your multifiber connectors is dirty. Inspect quickly and easily using a tool specifically designed for accessing dense panels and minimizing inspection time. No more excuses for blind connections!
iOLM-based automated MPO and MTP cable characterization solution
Go beyond insertion loss and fully characterize each fiber of MPO- or MTP-connectorized cables with an intelligent and automated test process. Get accurate reflectance measurement, which is essential for 100G+ network migration. Designed for construction and troubleshooting of the data center physical layer, and characterization of singlemode MPO and MTP 12-fiber cables.



* Fully automated
* Interchangeable nozzles for compatibility with MPO, MTP® 1, QODC® 2-12, & OptiTip® 3 MT connectors
* Just one pull of the trigger to inspect single- or dual-row fiber connectors (12/24 or 16/32)
* Slim design and rotation capabilities made for dense/recessed patch panels
* Individually numbered fibers to avoid confusion
* Screenless operation enabled by pass/fail LED indicator
* Automated photo capture rendering
* ConnectorMax2 mobile application compatible with smart devices
* Just one probe to inspect multifiber and single-fiber connectors

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